Scissors Skills

Since one and half year old, Zoe has been showing so much interest with scissors and cutting. So i gave her a plastic scissor and she used it to cut her play doughs. Without me telling what scissors are for. I guess by observing she automatically knew what’s the use of scissors.

When she turned 2 year old, i already allowed her to use real pointed scissors under my supervision. Because she prefers the real ones than those plastic scissors for kids her age. She will always tell me that the plastic ones are for babies and she’s not a baby anymore and can handle the real scissors already.

I know most parents are anxious about teaching their kids how to use scissors. However, I believe that using scissors helps them to develop good fine motor muscles and visual motor skills.

It also depends on child’s readiness and ability. I was amazed that at the age of two, Zoe’s muscles in her hand to properly open and close the scissors are already developed. That we didn’t had struggles to use scissors just like potty training.

Things I observed when Zoe’s using scissors:

1. Because cutting requires focus, it improves Zoe’s focus and attention span. And I’m so thankful that at the age of 2 years old her attention span is longer than most kids.

2. It improves her hand eye coordination and creativity.

3. It helps her muscles that are necessary for writing and also helps her with practical skills like dressing up.

4. How cautious she is on handling the scissors. And whenever she’ll see me using scissors she will always tell me “Mom, be careful. Don’t cut your fingers.” Aww, such a sweet baby, right? 😊

I tell you, there’s a lot more benefits of using a scissors. And for me its part of practical skill as well. So start your child’s scissors journey today. Don’t be afraid!

Stay tuned for more scissor skills activities!

How about your kids? How old are they when they started using scissors? 😊


Your Momma ZG ❤

Published by lifewithzg

Gen loves photography, food & dressing up with Zoe. Beach is her happy place while K-Dramas are her stress reliever. So if you’re on the same page as her. Connect with her by following all her social media accounts!

2 thoughts on “Scissors Skills

  1. It’s amazing what kids learn by just watching everything around them. She watched you with the scissors and instantly picked up on how to use them and pointing out how much they help a child develop in many different skills simply by using them is great.

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