Breastfeeding a Toddler

I knew very early in my pregnancy that I wanted to breastfeed my daughter, Zoe. So from unang yakap to the very first latch til now that she’s almost three we’re still exclusively breastfeeding. Yes, breastfeeding is a choice. But i hope pregnant mommas will choose to breastfeed their little ones for the first 6 months.

I planned to stop around the two year mark. But as that milestone rolled around, I thought to myself, What am I going to do if we stop nursing? It makes things so much easier. She falls asleep faster, I don’t have bottles to deal with, and flu season is starting so I’ll just keep going.

I can honestly say that I never intended to keep nursing this long. I didn’t imagined myself to be the woman still nursing an almost three year old. And honestly, there are days that I really want to quit.

But nursing her gives us two so much connection. I want her to be able to connect with me the way she wants to. One day she’ll be four, thirteen and thirty. And she’ll have her own life. She won’t cry and scream anymore just to get into my arms. So I want to cherish every moment because it all goes so fast.

Despite the people who keeps on telling me to stop breastfeeding because she’s too old already. I am proud and happy to nourish her with the most precious milk. For now, she’s still my baby. And I will keep on nursing her until the day she self wean.

Shoutout to all my MOOmma friends! ❤ Happy latching! Don’t mind the people who keeps on telling you to stop nursing just because they’re toddlers already!

Are you still breastfeeding? How old is your daughter/son? If you have any question about breastfeeding, just drop them down below!


Your Momma ZG ❤

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43 thoughts on “Breastfeeding a Toddler

  1. You’re an awesome mom! It’s definitely a choice and not one that everyone agrees with. I nursed my son until he was 2 and a half. He probably would have kept nursing but my husband and my in-laws were a little freaked out about my toddler still nursing. He was mostly self-weaned by then just nursing to fall asleep or if he was sick.

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  2. Breastfeeding I’d great. I only got 10cc’s in my 8 month old after bir th and before the NICU. Then we had to make the decision for me to go back on medicine that I could not breastfeed on. I wish my journey had been a bit different but she is happy and healthy. Thank you for sharing your journey and insight ❤

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  3. Wow! I think read somewhere that its better for babies to keep breast feeding is better! I knew some people who did it until there baby didn’t grab for it anymore, sometimes that was until 2 years old! Thanks for sharing, great decision. 🙂

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  4. I amlove still breastfeeding my toddler who will turn three in three months. He is currently tandem feeding with my 9 months old baby. Both are exclusively breastfeeding. And I am loving the experience.

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  5. I always thought it was so amazing of any mother who could breastfeed into the toddler years. It’s so important to normalize this so more mothers feel empowered enough to keep breastfeeding until THEY decided to stop.

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  6. Im still trying…. But my little one was losing weight because I wasn’t producing enough so we had to supplement after the first 3 weeks and he still wasn’t back to his birth weight. We are in week 5 now and Im still barley producing… Kudos to you, Im very very very envyous! I wish I could get my milk to come in better so I could keep feeding him. Its such an incredible bonding time

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  7. I’m still breastfeeding my 2.5 year old with no signs of stopping. I also said I would only nurse til 2 but here we are. Some days are really hard and I want to wean but for the most part it’s been great!

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  8. I would have to say, I never knew that a mother can breastfeed her child/children after 2 years old of age. I don’t have kids yet, but I will remember to inquire about this with my ob gyne when the time comes.

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  9. I might be the worse person to hear from. I didn’t breastfeed my kids over a month. I wanted to but I returned to work and it was so much easier to allow the milk to dry. I feel good that they received the colostrum.

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  10. I think my kids were nearly two when I stopped breastfeeding. I figured when they could ask for milk, that it was time to stop. I know some keep going though, and it’s awesome for them!


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