Shakey’s Junior Pizza Master 2018

My mom and auntie dined in Shakey’s and they saw the Junior Pizza Master Workshop. It’s designed for 3-12 years old. So they enrolled Zoe and her cousin. The fee is 499 php which includes a chef’s hat, apron, pizza making kit, certificate and 1 glass of house blended Ice tea.

The call time is 9am and we arrived on time. But the program didn’t start until 9:45 am. Because the participants should be 11 kids but they’re only 5. The program starts with a bring me game and they gave out stuff toys as prizes. Zoe got these cute toys.

Then followed by the highlight of the workshop, pizza making. The kit includes, the dough, sauce, cheese, ham and pineapple. They flattened the dough then spread it til it’s the same size as the pan. Then spread the sauce, cheese, pineapples and the ham.

Zoe don’t want me to help her, so basically she mad her own pizza. She really had fun kneading the dough. I was also amazed as she really did great even she’s just 2 years old. She spread the sauce so neatly. But when it’s time to put the cheese, she ate some of it. It goes the same when she puts the pineapples and ham. Haha I guess she’s hungry already by that time.

While waiting for the pizza, Captain Shakey’s came out and danced baby shark. The host also taught us the chicken dance and we danced together with the kids. Then gave out the certificates with their pizza.

Zoe’s so excited and proud to eat her pizza. And asked me if we can do pizza at home after the workshop.

It’s a fun experience but it’s only a 2 hours workshop and there’s not much activity. Basically it’s just a pizza making. The chef’s hat don’t fit well so the kids are not excited to wear them too. I hope next year they can include some art activities and can improve the program.

We’ll we join again next year? I don’t know yet. We prefer a 5 day workshop than a 1 day workshop.


Momma ZG ❤

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Gen loves photography, food & dressing up with Zoe. Beach is her happy place while K-Dramas are her stress reliever. So if you’re on the same page as her. Connect with her by following all her social media accounts!

39 thoughts on “Shakey’s Junior Pizza Master 2018

  1. That sounds like fun! It definitely could have been more fun if they tried. My son adores making pizza. It’s a great way to let the little ones cook and still be safe. We’ve never found a workshop like that around here.


  2. My daughter would have had such a fun time doing this when she was younger. I didn’t realize Shakey’s did this sort of thing. I do know my daughter loved making pizza with me the first time we made it at home, doing the dough and putting on the toppings. She had a blast.

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  3. Wow that is very neat that Zoey was able to make the pizza so well at 2 years old! A chef in the making. What a fun day, thanks for sharing with us.


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