Paint With Zoe

At 10 months old, Zoe can hold crayons properly and loves to doodle already. She loves arts and crafts so much and can spend an hour without getting bored even at her young age.

Since she turned 1, Zoe loves painting with tempera paints or watercolor more than drawing with crayons. She’ll use her brush, paint with her hands and look for something she can use to finish her artwork.

When she paints, I don’t ask her to draw something. I just let her imagination flow. She’ll decide what colors to use or combine colors and the result is always amazing.

So today, when she asked me to set up her painting station. I thought of documenting how she paints. I know, one day she’ll love to look back at her paintings.

I still can’t find an aisle for her so I just used her sensory table, a watercolor paper, tempera paints and brushes. I just hate it that there’s not much canvas available near our place so we always run out of canvas.

Look at that smile. She’s so excited to paint and let her creativity flow. I know one day, she’ll be a good painter. 😍

Watch her paint! Look at how she put some details on the last part.

One trivia about me, is that I am a frustrated artist. And I know Zoe will do good than me because she got the talent and skills. ❤

Finished artwork ❤

I hope you enjoy this Paint with Zoe post. Do you love painting too? Got some tips for Zoe? Drop your comments down below!


Momma ZG

Published by lifewithzg

Gen loves photography, food & dressing up with Zoe. Beach is her happy place while K-Dramas are her stress reliever. So if you’re on the same page as her. Connect with her by following all her social media accounts!

34 thoughts on “Paint With Zoe

  1. What a cute little Baisquiat! No serious that is a great abstract work from her you never know you might have a stellar artist on her hand.


  2. My son is now at 10 months and he still havent been thought o hold a crayon. I am afraid that he might chew it. I love your little one’s painting. It is purely beautiful


  3. How adorable! I love the creativity that some kids naturally seem to have. My own daughter impressed the playgroup workers with colouring inside the lines before she was even a year old; they’d never seen such neat colouring before!


  4. It is so lovely that she enjoys painting so much and that you actively encourage her too. She looks very proud of her piece and I think it’s great!


  5. My son loves to play but I would be scared to let him paint like that he is too small for that I don’t want to have paint everywhere:P


  6. I love this! I need to set up a painting station for my little guy! She is such a great little artist! My tip? Keep up the great work!


  7. Such a cute idea. My little artist would love to do this. She is absolutely gorgeous as well. Good job mama.


  8. Well done to the tiny human 🙂 so adorable 🙂 I wish her the best and I hope she can enhance her creativity and artistry skills through this or just have fun with it, I guess


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