Sick toddler and Eos

Zoe fell asleep earlier than the usual last night. But suddenly woke up because of the sound of thunder and heavy rain. Then I noticed she’s hot. I asked, if there’s something wrong with her. She answered none but asked me if I can massage her legs.

I don’t know why she suddenly got a fever. She’s too active the whole day. No cough nor colds too. I guess it’s one of those growing pains. Here in the Philippines elderly often tell us that it’s just “lagnat laki”. And it’s just normal when children get sick before or after her/his birthday.

So I immediately applied my “flu” blend on her feet and spine. After a while she went back to sleep. Then I diffused Germ destroyer and Lemon for an hour.

She fell asleep all throughout the night and not fussy at all. The next day, she woke up with no fever at all. But after taking a bath, I applied my flu blend again and diffused Germ Destroyer and Lemon for 30 minutes.

Observing her the whole day, she’s back to her playful and active self. The fever is totally gone. Yay! Another oily win for us. Zoe rarely get sick and Im thankful for that. With the help of breastmilk, her healthy eating habit and of course Essential oils she got a strong immune system. Eos are really our lifesaver! Totally worth it.

Do you use Eos too? Do you want to have a copy of my flu blend? I’ll be making a list so don’t forget to subscribe for you to receive the recipe before the month ends!


Oily Momma ZG

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29 thoughts on “Sick toddler and Eos

  1. Ill have to get my wife to read this one, she likes to use her oils, but only ever used lavender and breathe easy when our family has been sick. Sounds like germ defender and your Flu blend are the way to go


  2. I don’t think I have ever used essential oils. They are not very popular in my country. I had no idea there was one that killed germs.


  3. I used Plant Therapy Germ Destroyer, too, when my kids get sick. Although Young Living is my EO of choice, PT’s Germ Destroyer has been effective in avoiding the other kids to catch the virus when one of them is down.


  4. I have always been intrigued by oils! I just started using some but I haven’t heard of the germ diffuser! I am so glad she is feeling better!


  5. I love the power of healing from essential oils. This was great. I will be looking at the products for my own toddler. Thank you for sharing.


  6. Aromatherapy is so healing and glad people are learning the art of essential oils. Glad there are some special curated ones for kids.


  7. I am glad that Zoey recovered from her fever so quickly. I have not heard of these essential oils. Sounds like a great product to have around the home.


  8. I have a few blends that O always fall back on when someone is sick. We diffuse them to help and also help others from getting sick.


  9. So glad to hear she’s doing better. We’ve never tried using essential oils or diffusers but have to look into it. I have two boys that could probably benefit for these.


  10. I love seeing more and more moms using essential oils and diffusers to aid in the wellness of their children. Sometimes the answer is quite simple; go back to nature to cure a variety of ailments. The germ oil is new to me. Thanks for sharing!


  11. I feel like a need a course on these things, I’ve got two toddlers here and I could use some Essential Oil education for sure!


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