A Day In The Life Of A Solo Mom

People always ask me “How are you surviving?”, “How do you do it?” “It must be tiring.” Indeed being a solo mom, is one of the hardest job ever but it’s the most fulfilling job too. So today, I thought I’ll share a sneak peak of our typical day. Juggling everything with my bestfriend makes our life easy.

Our mornings are usually filled with cuddles, kisses, lots of I love you and tickles. Zoe is such a sweet girl and I am really blessed because Im her mommy. She instantly brighten up my day with her beautiful smile.

Before having breakfast, we usually read books first. I let her get books from her bin. Today, she wants to do her phonics. We read some bible stories too.

Rainy season just started and we love to drink our hot choco while sharing stories. Zoe is such a talkative girl and never runs out of stories and questions. I just love this age of her. And I’m so excited to see what’s in store for her this year.

After breakfast, we usually start our daily activities. Today, she wants to play with her water beads. She really loves water play and can do that for an hour or more. Non stop transferring, scooping and sorting. Great sensorial play for kids. We use Orbeez water beads btw.

After an hour and half, she showed me these. She had fun sorting all the water beads. And named the colors as well. I usually have a planned activities for her but when she wants to do other activities I just let her. She just turned 3 and I want her to enjoy learning while playing and having fun.

These are some of the newly washed clothes. I usually do the laundry in the morning so that I can fold the clothes in the afternoon as well. Since Zoe turned 2 she helps me with the chores already. She’ll sort her clothes, wash, hang, fold and will put it on her cabinet without me asking. She’s having fun and don’t see it as a task but rather as a work she’ll proud to accomplish. Im really proud she’s growing up so independent.

Time to cook for lunch after doing the laundry. Zoe loves helping me in the kitchen. Whether to cook or bake. She usually cut some veggies. While cutting I always ask her to name the vegetables and I let her count too. It’s one of our favorite bonding. I just love being her first teacher.

Taaaaadaaaah! We cooked chicken afritada for lunch! Let’s eat!

After lunch, we’ll take a bath and she’ll have her daily nap. While she’s napping I’ll clean the house or do some work. Then when she wakes up, it’s a free play for her but she’ll usually play in her kitchen. She loves imaginative and independent play so much. I also don’t mind the mess because Zoe always pack away her toys. Then we’ll have our snack after.

While I prepare for dinner, here is Zoe doing her prewriting activity. Lately Zoe is into writing. I just write her name and she’ll trace the letters using cotton swab and paint. She can finish 5 or more sheets of that.

We usually eat dinner at around 5pm or earlier because Zoe used to sleeping early. She’s usually asleep by 6pm and wakes up 7am in the morning the next day.

When Zoe is fast asleep already. That’s my me time. I get to finish work, chores and enjoy some quiet night. Because we all need a breather!

And to answer your question, I am surviving each day because of Zoe. She’s such an easy child. She helps me with everything and rarely throw tantrums except when she’s too sleepy to function. Haha

I am happy to be a Solo Stay at home mom. Because I get to spend everyday with Zoe. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s so fulfilling to watch how she grows up beautifully, kind and with a good heart even if I am raising her alone.

So that’s a sneak peak of our usual day at home. I hope somehow I get to inspire you. If I can do it, You can too! Sharing this video of my fellow solo mom Watch and Be inspired. After all, not all superheroes wear capes.


Momma ZG

Published by lifewithzg

Gen loves photography, food & dressing up with Zoe. Beach is her happy place while K-Dramas are her stress reliever. So if you’re on the same page as her. Connect with her by following all her social media accounts!

24 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of A Solo Mom

  1. You are a super mom(all moms are) and Zoe is so adorable and cute. You have the best mother daughter bond. God bless you both.


  2. I grew up with a solo parent and never suffered for it. Your pictures are gorgeous and your goodness shines through. Look forward to seeing more from you x


  3. You are so inspiring. I have never had to be a solo parent. I’ve had short times when I didn’t have my husband around which have been truly exhausting times. You have such a wonderful attitude and clearly, love what you are doing with your daughter. Keep on being an awesome mom.


  4. I loved that you shared you are your daughters first teacher! I also love the little activities you provided and thats awesome she sleeps from 6pm-7am thats almost 12 hours she is a sleeper!


  5. What a wonderful post! I know a lot on single mothers, they are some of the most admirable people on the planet. So strong and caring, it almost makes me cry when I read stories like this. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  6. You do have a lovely girl and are lucky that she is so good and helps you with everything. You two have a wonderful relationship!


  7. I honestly enjoyed reading this post, i stayed glued to my screen from start to finish, i appreciate how you and your daughter spend your day, it makes me want to have a child of my own already. She’s so adorable and very independent already..well done


  8. As the child of a single Mom, thank you. Thank you for doing your best. Thank you for being so unselfish. She will grow up and be a better person.


  9. Your daughter is so sweet! I have 2 little girls and your day sounds a lot like ours- except my little ones are up with the sun and wake up hangry! Lol It’s such a blessing to be able to watch your children grow, and to be their first teacher! 🙂


  10. Zoe is adorable. This schedule reminds me of what I did when my kids were young. Such a sweet age. I love you are working with her on letters. You’re doing great with her.


  11. I’m so impressed by your level of organization, routine and creativity! It’s great that you involve her in so much of the day-to-day routine. 3 year olds find fun in pretty much everything! The two of you are so cute together!!


  12. I’m extremely impressed!! I need some of that calm and peace in my daily routine, I have two toddlers. I love all the activities you do together throughout the day and the way you tackle them.


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