5 Reasons Why I love Being A Solo Mom

Solo parenthood is one of the hardest thing you could ever think of. But there are also too many positive side of being a solo mom. And I want everyone to know that we, single mom are not always lonely or unhappy with our life just because we are single moms. So let me tell you the reasons why i love being one.

1.I get all the love and a strong connection with my daughter

All the hugs, kisses, laughs, I love you’s are all mine. And every single time someone will compliment my daughter Zoe on how she’s being polite, smart, sweet or kind. I can always pat my back because I know I’m doing well at raising her even if I’m alone.

She’s my life and I can’t imagine without having her 24/7. I don’t mind having her around me all the time, everywhere I go. She’s my light and the one who inspire me and keep me going.

2. Zoe is growing up independent.

She helps me with the chores, at 1 year old she already knows how to pack away her toys, can dress on her own and put her shoes on. At 2 she helps me with the laundry, sweeping the floor, cooking, baking and folding her clothes. Now that she’s 3 she helps me with the dishes already. She knows how to be self sufficient at a young age. And Im so proud of her.

3. No drama!

I just hate pity parties and negativity in my life. Honestly, I’ve been through a lot and it feels so good to have less drama. Happiness will always be our choice.

4. I can inspire other.

I want the world to know that we, women can do absolutely everything and we don’t need a man. I am rasing my child alone, working hard on my own, taking care of everything. And I know I can be an amazing role model to Zoe.

5. I am in control of all the decisions.

My child, my rules. I can raise Zoe exactly the way I want. I don’t need anyone’s approval. Isn’t that amazing?

So to all my fellow single moms out there. Don’t let the stress and hardship overshadow the amazing reasons why being a single mom is awesome. You’re doing a great job!

And to everyone else, I hope you don’t judge a single mom, because it’s not easy to be one. We need your support than your judgements.

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Momma ZG 💞

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Gen loves photography, food & dressing up with Zoe. Beach is her happy place while K-Dramas are her stress reliever. So if you’re on the same page as her. Connect with her by following all her social media accounts!

24 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I love Being A Solo Mom

  1. I am so happy to find your posts again. Love reading all about Zoe, she definitely is independent and one smart little cookie you are raising.

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  2. You are doing AWESOME! and yes, your child your rules! Love that quote because it is so true— we are all allowed to raise our childrent the way we want to!

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  3. I was a single mom for 14 years, and I loved it! I agree with so much of what you wrote here. Great job on being such a great example for your daughter and for empowering other single moms out there.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love all your reasons! As a fellow single mom, I especially love getting all the hugs and kisses for my children as they’ve grown up knowing that I’m doing all I can for them.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I just stumbled upon this blog today and not regretting spending even a minute of my reading time. Being single mom is not easy but its a lot of fun if your perspective is right.

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