No Cook Play Dough Recipe

It’s raining non stop today and Zoe requested if we can do another batch of our homemade play dough. This is our go to recipe and since then we don’t buy Play Doh anymore. Zoe hates soft, sticky and oily play doh so just adjust this recipe for you liking.

But first, let me share why Zoe loves play dough:

1. It enhances her fine motor skills. Helps her hands develop strength, dexterity and control.

2. It enhances her creativity. Play dough can be anything she can imagine.

3. She loves squishing, smashing, cutting, and slicing the play dough.

4. It enhances her literacy and numeracy development. She enjoys using her play mats to make numbers out of clay.

5. It is calming and therapeutic. She can play with it for 2 or more hours without getting bored.

Here is the recipe. Have fun with your kids!

Here is Zoe dividing the dough. We are using tempera paints because Zoe hates it when her hands are stained by food dyes.

More DIYs coming your way! So don’t forget to pin this and share to your momma friends. Great way to bond with your kids! Let me know when you try our recipe.

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