Cloud Dough Recipe

Today, Zoe asked me if we can do another batch of playdough so she can make new colors of dough but I told her we’ll make a different one today. I decided to make a cloud dough so she can experiment with different textures. She loves sensory play so much loves touching flour when we’re baking too.

What is a cloud dough?

The consistency of Cloud Dough can be powdery like flour, moldable and a bit like damp sand.  It is perfect for moulding, shaping, squeezing, pressing and sculpting into different shapes. And, unlike playdough, the child can disintegrate this without any effort. It can be sent back to its powdery form within seconds. And then remoulded at the blink of an eye again. Isn’t that amazing?

The moldable consistency and silky smooth texture between hands feels instantly soothing and pleasing to the senses. Zoe loves sensory play so much and she played this the whole day. I bet she’ll play with this the whole week.

But unlike playdough, this one is kinda messy. Haha so ready yourself, momma!


8 cups of flour

1 cup of vegetables oils/or any oils you prefer.

5-10 drops of oil based food color.

For today we only made half of the recipe since we don’t have oil based food colors. Zoe helped me measure the flour since she knows the cup measurements already because we always bake.

What are the benefits of cloud dough?

1. It promotes creativity- Zoe used her shape cutters, pans, spoon, knifes and cups.

2. Fine Motor Development.

3. Hand-Eye Coordination and Control.

4. Perfect way to teach them the Cause and Effect.

5. Promotes longer Concentration and focus. She played with this for 2 hours non stop.

6. It promotes Spatial awareness – experimenting with shape and space.

7. It promotes Language development.

8. Perfect way to teach them simple math- like capacity and measurement.

9. Perfect way to teach them Scientific concepts and skills.

10. Lastly, Imaginative Play. Zoe pretended to make ice cream, cake, and so much more with just a cloud dough.

Simple ingredients that you surely have at home. It will surely be a hit. Let your kids enjoy while playing and don’t mind the mess. 😊 Now, are you excited to make your own? Want to see more posts like this? Don’t forget to share this post, pin and subscribe to my email list for you to get notified.

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