Breastfeeding In Style with Little Roo

Last time, I post about my views regarding breastfeeding in public here. But some moms don’t have that confidence yet to breastfeed in public. And yes, I hear you mommas! Luckily, I found this local brand that sells a breastfeeding cover.

Little Roo

The name is too cute and catchy. Isn’t it? It is owned by Mommy Alex, a breastfeeding mom of twins. All the infinity nursing scarves are made with love as she’s the only one sewing at night. Salute to all mompreneurs like her! So let’s support locals!


While feeding Zoe suddenly sneak out of the cover and told me “Mom, look Im inside you just like kangaroos!”. And Im speechless haha she’s one witty girl.


I love how classy the packaging is. This will be the perfect gift especially for baby shower and for your breastfeeding friends. I just hope next time the courier will handle the package with care as the box can be easily deformed.



They have 3 kinds of fabrics: Cotton Jersey, Cotton Spandex and Rib Knits. The one I have is the Rib Knits and it’s too soft and it is breathable. No wonder why Zoe loves it even if she’s not a fan of covers. She even used it as a blanket.


For the cotton jersey and cotton spandex it’s 450 pesos while it’s 550 pesos for Rib Knits plus shipping fee. For me the price is reasonable and worth your money.


They just launched last August 8, 2018 and they have plain infinity scarves and of course they have cute designs too. Check out their Instagram to see the full list of their collection.


Do I recommend it to my fellow breastfeeding moms?

Ofcourse! It’s a “sulit” find for me. Zoe is already 3 and how I wished I had this since she’s a newborn. It’s not your usual breastfeeding cover. I super love how comfortable the scarf while feeding. I also love the color and goes with practically any outfit, and it’s super light weight and flowy. The scarf wraps all the way around me and gives me full coverage while nursing. With this one, you can breastfeed in style. It’s like a blanket as well and is perfect to keep our babies warm especially this rainy season. This cover don’t catch too much attention when you breastfeed in public too. It’s been fun to play around with it and will be a staple in our bag.


So what are you waiting for? Go check them out and get yourself one! Use this nursing cover as a way to help you feel comfortable about choosing to bond with your baby no matter what your environment looks like. No matter where you are, no matter how crowded it is.

Thank you Mommy Alex of Little Roo for making this infinity nursing scarves this will surely helps more Moms to stand firm in their decision to breastfeed anywhere, anytime, and in any way in style.

Breastfeeding gives your baby the best chance possible to get the highest level of nutrition. Breastfeeding not only provides optimal nutrition, but it is also an important bonding opportunity between mother and child. Breastfeed on mommas!

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Your friendly Breastfeeding Momma ZG 💛

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