Zushime Lake View Review

zushime lake view tagaytay

It’s been a while since I wanted to checkout Zushime Lake View so I can try their Ramen. 

Finally, dine in yesterday together with Elaine of Wild and Sassy Blog. But because the weather is too hot we decided not to try their ramen. 

What I love about Zushime:


I wasn’t expecting a instagrammable space because the location seems to be a bit small but hey I was wrong because love the Interior! It makes me want to stay and just chill. Check out more photos here.

Not crowded

I don’t know if it’s because it’s lunchtime. But knowing it’s only a few days before Christmas I was shocked there’s not much crowd there. Well, it’s a good thing for me because I’m not a fan of a crowded restaurant. But maybe because of the location as well. It’s across Tagaytay Rotanda


I love that they have a lot to offer. They have 12 kinds of ramen, 4 kinds of rice bowls. 24 kinds of sushi rolls and they even have bento boxes. 

What we ordered:

zushime lake view tagaytay

I ordered Tori Katsudon Rice bowl (120 php) – crispy breaded chicken served with savory sauce and egg over rice. 

Verdict: It’s okay for its price nothing fancy just the usual Katsudon. 

Elaine order Gyudon Rice bowl (150 php) – for her there’s something missing. Check her review at Wild and Sassy Blog

zushime lake view tagaytay

We ordered Yellow Zigzag ( 295 php) – it’s one of their bestsellers. Snowcrab california roll topped with seared cheese.

Verdict: It contains 8 pcs of sushi rolls but I’d rather order just the California roll for 250 php. Taste the same and I can’t barely taste the cheese on it.  So just save the 45 php.

Pitcher of ice tea (155 php) it’s too sweet for me and quite expensive. A glass of ice tea is priced at 60 php.

Overall Experience

zushime lake view tagaytay

I will rate it 7 out of 10. Definitely going back for a date night with Zoe so we can try out their Ramen. If you want to try something else this Holiday season in Tagaytay. Zushime Lake View is worth a try! Tag me if you decided to dine in!

If you find this post helpful don’t forget to share it with your family and friends. Perfect way to end 2019 is to enjoy good food with your family and friends!



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