5 Tips for Disney on Ice 2019 Live Your Dreams

For this Christmas, I want to give Zoe the experience and magic of Disney. So last December 27, 2019 Zoe and I got to live our dreams at this year’s Disney on Ice. So today, let me share our some tips if you’re still planning to see Disney on Ice.

disney on ice

Take alternative routes.

No one can stop us not even the traffic to see Disney on Ice. Brave the holiday traffic from Tagaytay to Manila and vice versa. Don’t use the Aguinaldo high way if you’re from Cavite like us. It took only 2 hours and that saves us lots of time.

Watch the Disney on ice highlight here!

Be there on time

There’s a pre-show 10 minutes before the scheduled time so don’t miss it. Be on your seat early! Zoe got to meet Winnie The Pooh, one of my childhood favorite.

disney on ice

Wear costumes

Zoe’s looking forward to Disney On Ice for almost 2 months. And she’s too happy and excited as soon as she wears her Queen Elsa Gown. I was planning to wear a costume as well but got too busy so I wasn’t able to find an Olaf costume. Wearing costume ads up magic to their experience. 

Outside food and drinks are not allowed

Be sure to fill up your tummies before going inside. They got snack bar inside but pricier than the usual. Like Cotton candy with a crown that costs 550 php.

Bring extra money

As soon as we enter the venue, Zoe went straight to the Merchandise. Haha So ready your wallet mommas! Here’s what we got. Mickey’s Bubbles (900 php) and Elsa/Anna Mug with Snow Cone (550 php)

disney on ice

Book Early

Book your tickets early so you can still get the best seat. There’s a pre-selling sale last October so next year stay tuned for that. We got SVIP tickets and Zoe is so happy to see all the characters up close. She even got to experience to ride the thugs cart.

disney on ice

Have you ever seen Disney On Ice this year already? Share your favorite experience too! 

Been busy and wasn’t able to post this a day after we watched Disney on Ice. But you can still get your tickets. Last day will be on January 5, 2020.

If you find this post helpful don’t forget to share it with your family and friends. Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to more content this 2020!


disney on ice


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