3 Tips To Celebrate Birthday When You’re A Mom

When I was a kid, birthdays for me is such a big deal. I always look forward to opening presents, blowing cakes and having a party. But as I age it suddenly became an ordinary day.  So today, let me share 3 tips on how we can celebrate our birthday.

Honestly, do birthday matters when you’re a mom? For me, it’s a yes this year! Yesterday was kinda special because Zoe’s now old enough to sing me a birthday song, give me a present and who understands and experience the simple joy of birthdays.  So despite being a MOM 24/7, let’s take a break and celebrate life.

27th birthday

3 tips on how to celebrate a birthday when you’re a mom.

Spoil Yourself

Pamper yourself from head to toe! Go to the spa, get manicure and pedicure or go to a salon for a makeover. You might want to call your best friend and hit the mall. Go on a shopping spree, because you deserve it!  As for me, I shop for stationery as a gift for myself. It’s been a while since the last time I splurged for myself.

Plan A Getaway 

Take time to reconnect and recharge! Whether at the beach or just a staycation over the weekend. Book that mom so you can enjoy and spend the day bonding with the people you love best — your family. Zoe and I are so excited for my birthday getaway! Watch out for that on your channel next week!

Do something that you wanted for ages

Whatever you like, go for it! Maybe it’s to catch up with your girlfriends, or to have a movie night, or take up a cooking lesson. Switch off your phone and enjoy your special day without the guilt!

To all my fellow mothers out there, don’t forget to celebrate your life, okay? May all our children remind us of the joy of being alive. Let’s be grateful for another year to be alive. Happy birthday!

gen roraldo

Thank you everyone for wishing me yesterday and today! I appreciate everyone! Especially from my friends all over the world – on different timezone. Watch out for my Birthday vlog and a giveaway soon!

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Mommy Gen


27th birthday

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