It’s been months since I last write something for the blog. I was on hiatus because I lost all my files. As you can see the last post from this blog was Last year.

And because of that, I was so unmotivated to write. Lesson learned the hard way. So always back up your blog.

Too many things happened as well. But now before 2019 comes to an end. I am so back and ready to write from the heart again.

Thank you for sticking with me!

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Madeline’s Ville Tagaytay Escapade

Last February 24, 2020, I celebrated my birthday. And to end my birthday week, Zoe and I had a birthday staycation at Madeline’s Ville. It’s a newly opened Bed and Breakfast in Alfonso. With a unique concept and design of their Tiny Homes.  

Birthday Vlog!

So today, let me share our experience. Zoe is so happy and excited to spend the night in our unit. We stay at their Sunshine unit. Zoe told me that the unit lolls like a real-life dollhouse. She feels like she’s a doll and asked me “mom, how come it looks like a dollhouse but we can fit inside?”. I want our own tiny house as well! Oh, my daughter really loved the place.  

Madeline’s Ville

Madeline's Ville Tagaytay

Madeline’s Ville is tiny homes enclave with the full amenities of a house. The place is so relaxing communing to nature a great place for the family to have breakfast and make more memorable times together. That’s why they encourage everyone to personally cook their meals and bond over food. So be sure to bring your own food. There is a griller available, no corkage fee, complete utensils from plates to pots and there are an outdoor kitchen and a 12 seater dining table. 

Madeline's Ville Tagaytay

There is a dangle zone to relax and hang around as well. Zoe and I love the colorful chairs as well in front of the house. And for the fur parents, Madeline’s Ville is pet-friendly. You can bring them inside the unit too! For more photos just go here.

I was lucky to be able to personally meet the owner, Sir Ariel Villegas. So let me tell you the story behind Madeline’s Ville.

The inspiration

Madeline's Ville Tagaytay

I asked Sir Ariel his inspiration behind Madeline’s Ville. He told me it was actually both their childhood dream. While Madeline is the name of their only daughter. 

He and his wife dreamed of a home away from the city. With free-range chicken, cow, goat, vegetable garden around to keep them busy. In God’s grace, their retirement tiny home will rise soon on the same premise.

They are planning to build a small swimming pool and 2 more units hopefully just in time for this summer. So stay tuned for that! 

And would you believe that Sir Ariel is the one who designed all the interior, furnishing and even personally handcrafted some pieces of furnitures? Yes, it’s true. Of course, his wife and daughter gave a helping hand as well. 

madeline's Ville tagaytay
madeline's ville tagaytay
madeline's ville tagaytay

Why should you visit Madeline’s Ville?

If you want some quiet place to think, relax, rejuvenate and recharge then this is the best place for you. Madeline’s Ville offers a serene forest-like setting that is very much different from bustling city life. 


Address: #9963 Matagbak-Palumlum Road, Palumlum Alfonso, Cavite

Via Commute:

1. Take a bus bound for Tagaytay-Nasugbu.

2. Alight at Brgy. Upli. (Infront of Splendido, Before Shell Gas Station)

3. Ride a tricycle to Madeline’s Ville. Tell the driver “Doon po sa tatlong bahay na may gulong.”

Fare: 80-120 pesos

Via Private Vehicle:

Waze/Google Maps: Search for “House in the Woods”. When you see the House in the woods signage a few more meters and you’ll reach Madeline’s Ville already. 

madeline's ville tagaytay
madeline's ville tagaytay

Where to Book?

  • You may book via Airbnb.

Get 1,600 Php Discount on your first booking of 3,500 Php and up when you sign up in Airbnb with this referral link.



Blue Sky

  • You may contact Sir Ariel Villegas directly.

Mobile Number: 0942 053 1700

Final Verdict

Will I recommend Madeline’s Ville? Absolutely! The place is perfect for couples who want to reconnect with each other, or for parents who want some me time away from the kids, for single moms like me who wish for a time out and just read a book and it is even perfect for families who just want to enjoy while making memories together.

The only problem I personally encounter is that I wasn’t able to charge my laptop nor my phone. Good thing I have my powerbank. I was planning to edit so I can upload right away but when I tried to plug my charger, the power went off. So, I didn’t want to take the risk again to plug anything. But the outlet works fine when I used the appliances inside the unit. Also, the light in the comfort room flickered when I opened the shower. So I just turned it off. Also, take note that there is not much signal in the area. Perfect timing for you to read a book. So make sure to bring one!

madeline's ville tagaytay

Overall experience, Zoe and I had so much fun. We cooked together, we played games, we read, we enjoyed our own “me time”, we were able to recharge and reconnect. Zoe until now can’t stop sharing her experience and bugging me that she wants to live in a tiny house like that. Ate Lala and Kuya Dodong the caretakers are happy to help us and even gave us tilapia for dinner.

I just want to personally thank Sir Ariel and his wife for having us. Thank you for opening and sharing your place. Till next time!

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3 Tips To Celebrate Birthday When You’re A Mom

When I was a kid, birthdays for me is such a big deal. I always look forward to opening presents, blowing cakes and having a party. But as I age it suddenly became an ordinary day.  So today, let me share 3 tips on how we can celebrate our birthday.

Honestly, do birthday matters when you’re a mom? For me, it’s a yes this year! Yesterday was kinda special because Zoe’s now old enough to sing me a birthday song, give me a present and who understands and experience the simple joy of birthdays.  So despite being a MOM 24/7, let’s take a break and celebrate life.

27th birthday

3 tips on how to celebrate a birthday when you’re a mom.

Spoil Yourself

Pamper yourself from head to toe! Go to the spa, get manicure and pedicure or go to a salon for a makeover. You might want to call your best friend and hit the mall. Go on a shopping spree, because you deserve it!  As for me, I shop for stationery as a gift for myself. It’s been a while since the last time I splurged for myself.

Plan A Getaway 

Take time to reconnect and recharge! Whether at the beach or just a staycation over the weekend. Book that mom so you can enjoy and spend the day bonding with the people you love best — your family. Zoe and I are so excited for my birthday getaway! Watch out for that on your channel next week!

Do something that you wanted for ages

Whatever you like, go for it! Maybe it’s to catch up with your girlfriends, or to have a movie night, or take up a cooking lesson. Switch off your phone and enjoy your special day without the guilt!

To all my fellow mothers out there, don’t forget to celebrate your life, okay? May all our children remind us of the joy of being alive. Let’s be grateful for another year to be alive. Happy birthday!

gen roraldo

Thank you everyone for wishing me yesterday and today! I appreciate everyone! Especially from my friends all over the world – on different timezone. Watch out for my Birthday vlog and a giveaway soon!

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27th birthday

Art Journal with a toddler

If you’re here since the beginning of our journey, you know so well how Zoe loves arts and crafts since she’s a baby.

People always wonder how Zoe survives without a gadget at this generation. Sharing one of her hobby today. She can sit down for hours and do arts and crafts.

Now at 4 years old, she loves doing art journaling already. Lately, she’s been loving stamping and doing collages. She loves to cut, paste and stamps on the paper and her mini journal.

It’s so fun to journal with my little best friend. She’s doing so good at expressing her self through arts. The only downside of this is that she’s starting to collect her washis, stickers, pens and anything cute. haha Oh just like mommy. I wonder where this hobby will take us.

Here’s a short video of Zoe doing her journal this morning. 💛 Thinking of filming more journal with us soon!

Journal with Zoe

This just show how our child looks up to us, that we really need to set a good example. Because monkey see, monkey do. So let’s always try out best parents!

It’s never too early to introduce our kids with arts. Let them be messy, let them learn more about their selves through arts!

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gen roraldo
gen roraldo
gen roraldo

Skypiea Rooftop Bar and Kitchen Tagaytay

Any one piece fan here?
Look what we’ve found!
Skypiea Rooftop Bar and Kitchen here in Tagaytay!

💬Trivia: Skypiea is an island located in the sky above Paradise.
True enough, ang ganda ng view dito!

Watch our Interview with the owners and mini mukbang here:

My top picks:

🖤 New Orleans Delight (349 pesos) – white sauce and shrimp. Sobrang sarap nito. 3 of my favorites in 1. Try nyo hindi kayo magsisisi!

skypiea tagaytay

🖤 Beef Tapa Unli Rice Meal (130 pesos) – sobrang sulit. Malasa yung tapa. Mapapa-unli rice ka talaga.

skypiea tagaytay

🖤 Cheesy Bacon Meal – eto isa pang sulit. 99 pesos lang. Favorite ko din itong cheese at bacon combo. Tamang tama lang yung pagkaluto ng bacon.

🖤Doflamingo (169 pesos) Crispy Chicken Skin Nachos. Eto masarap na pulutan. Medyo may anghang.

skypiea tagaytay

Kalimutan nyo muna ang Diet, try nyo muna dito. haha

On our table:

New Orleans Pizza (349 pesos)
Le Poutine (153 pesos)
Mozzarella Sticks (99 pesos)
Tapa Unli Rice Meal (139 pesos)
Cheesy Bacon Meal (99 pesos)
Doflamingo (Crispy Chicken Skin Nachos, 169 pesos)
Sabo Chicken Burger (179 pesos)

skypiea tagaytay


🚗 Skypiea, San Jose, Silang Junction South, Tagaytay City, Cavite

Opening Hours: 10AM to 1AM. Mondays to Sundays.

Kung tamang chill with family and friends hanap nyo habang tinitingnan ang sunset. May masarap na food. Try nyo na dito.

Check them out here:
FB: https://www.facebook.com/skypiearooftopbarandkitchen/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/skypieatagaytay

Follow us Tagaytay Bloggers, as we discover more hidden gems here in Tagaytay and nearby areas!

tagaytay bloggers

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skypiea tagaytay

Let’s stay connected!

gen roraldo
gen roraldo

5 Tips for Disney on Ice 2019 Live Your Dreams

For this Christmas, I want to give Zoe the experience and magic of Disney. So last December 27, 2019 Zoe and I got to live our dreams at this year’s Disney on Ice. So today, let me share our some tips if you’re still planning to see Disney on Ice.

disney on ice

Take alternative routes.

No one can stop us not even the traffic to see Disney on Ice. Brave the holiday traffic from Tagaytay to Manila and vice versa. Don’t use the Aguinaldo high way if you’re from Cavite like us. It took only 2 hours and that saves us lots of time.

Watch the Disney on ice highlight here!

Be there on time

There’s a pre-show 10 minutes before the scheduled time so don’t miss it. Be on your seat early! Zoe got to meet Winnie The Pooh, one of my childhood favorite.

disney on ice

Wear costumes

Zoe’s looking forward to Disney On Ice for almost 2 months. And she’s too happy and excited as soon as she wears her Queen Elsa Gown. I was planning to wear a costume as well but got too busy so I wasn’t able to find an Olaf costume. Wearing costume ads up magic to their experience. 

Outside food and drinks are not allowed

Be sure to fill up your tummies before going inside. They got snack bar inside but pricier than the usual. Like Cotton candy with a crown that costs 550 php.

Bring extra money

As soon as we enter the venue, Zoe went straight to the Merchandise. Haha So ready your wallet mommas! Here’s what we got. Mickey’s Bubbles (900 php) and Elsa/Anna Mug with Snow Cone (550 php)

disney on ice

Book Early

Book your tickets early so you can still get the best seat. There’s a pre-selling sale last October so next year stay tuned for that. We got SVIP tickets and Zoe is so happy to see all the characters up close. She even got to experience to ride the thugs cart.

disney on ice

Have you ever seen Disney On Ice this year already? Share your favorite experience too! 

Been busy and wasn’t able to post this a day after we watched Disney on Ice. But you can still get your tickets. Last day will be on January 5, 2020.

If you find this post helpful don’t forget to share it with your family and friends. Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to more content this 2020!


disney on ice