Art Journal with a toddler

If you’re here since the beginning of our journey, you know so well how Zoe loves arts and crafts since she’s a baby. People always wonder how Zoe survives without a gadget at this generation. Sharing one of her hobby today. She can sit down for hours and do arts and crafts. Now at 4Continue reading “Art Journal with a toddler”

Toy Gift Ideas For Toddlers

For my Vlogmas #2 I shared some of my favorite toy gift ideas for toddlers especially for girls. If you want to know the full list. Watch it now! Perfect for your last minute Christmas Shopping! Are you done with your shopping list already? What will you get your kids? Remember, let your kids knowContinue reading “Toy Gift Ideas For Toddlers”


I always love the idea of twinning with my daughter. I guess it’s every girl’s dream to have a daughter so they can play dress up. I like to buy twinning clothes or just mix and match our clothes. It’s one of our bonding and Zoe really likes it when we do twinning. Last year,Continue reading “Twinning”

Paint With Zoe

At 10 months old, Zoe can hold crayons properly and loves to doodle already. She loves arts and crafts so much and can spend an hour without getting bored even at her young age. Since she turned 1, Zoe loves painting with tempera paints or watercolor more than drawing with crayons. She’ll use her brush,Continue reading “Paint With Zoe”