Happy 3rd Birthday My Princess 🎂

Today you are three. This year, we don’t have a fancy birthday party for you unlike your first birthday. But as soon as you wake up I want you to be happy and feel extra special today. So last night, I set up your kitchen area for my little surprise. Who wouldn’t want to wakeContinue reading “Happy 3rd Birthday My Princess 🎂”

Shakey’s Junior Pizza Master 2018

My mom and auntie dined in Shakey’s and they saw the Junior Pizza Master Workshop. It’s designed for 3-12 years old. So they enrolled Zoe and her cousin. The fee is 499 php which includes a chef’s hat, apron, pizza making kit, certificate and 1 glass of house blended Ice tea. The call time isContinue reading “Shakey’s Junior Pizza Master 2018”

2018 McDonald’s Kiddie Crew

One day, after running errands and craving for some coffee float. I decided to drop by Mcdonalds. Before summer starts, I already saw Mcdonalds ads about the Kiddie Crew but it was design for 6 to 12 years old but Zoe seems like she wants to join. So I asked a crew if I canContinue reading “2018 McDonald’s Kiddie Crew”

10 tips to make your toddler’s potty training successful.

On my previous post I shared about Zoe’s potty journey (click this Key to potty training ). Today, I will be sharing some tips that worked for us and might help you with your bubba’s potty journey. 1. Demonstrate Children are observers and they learn by observing and watching. Zoe always follows me whenever IContinue reading “10 tips to make your toddler’s potty training successful.”

The key to Potty Training

Each child is unique and therefore what applies to one may not apply to other. As we all know most moms are facing the challenges of potty training. But luckily for us, it went by smoothly. Zoe was just 11 months old when she saw a toilet seat while we’re at the mall. Bought oneContinue reading “The key to Potty Training”