Life with ZG ❤

Life’s detours often turn out to be life’s most beautiful moments. My pregnancy may have been a bit of a surprise, unexpected and something that happened faster than I thought. Something I weren’t sure if I was ready for but what’s not a surprise is how much I wanted my daughter, Zoe. I was aContinue reading “Life with ZG ❤”

10 tips to make your toddler’s potty training successful.

On my previous post I shared about Zoe’s potty journey (click this Key to potty training ). Today, I will be sharing some tips that worked for us and might help you with your bubba’s potty journey. 1. Demonstrate Children are observers and they learn by observing and watching. Zoe always follows me whenever IContinue reading “10 tips to make your toddler’s potty training successful.”

The key to Potty Training

Each child is unique and therefore what applies to one may not apply to other. As we all know most moms are facing the challenges of potty training. But luckily for us, it went by smoothly. Zoe was just 11 months old when she saw a toilet seat while we’re at the mall. Bought oneContinue reading “The key to Potty Training”

I found the one.

Never struggled from breakout til I had my pregnancy. Cystic acne all over my face especially on forehead and chin. It’s so frustrating that I can’t do anything about it. I am pregnant so I need to be extra careful in choosing products. Then when I gave birth I exclusively breastfeed my daughter and upContinue reading “I found the one.”